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Canon R700 Camcorder

Canon R700 Camcorder Model Canon VIXIA HF R700

Pieces included in checkout:

  1. Canon VIXIA HR R700 Camcorder
  2. AC Adapter
  3. Battery
  4. 16GB SD Card
  5. Mini USB Cable

Compatible with the following items in this collection:

*Asterisk after copy name indicates that camera's battery charges via wall unit and needs to be removed from the camera in order to charge. If you would like to use the camera without losing power, select a copy without an asterisk in the title. These copies come with power adapters that connect directly to the camera.

User Manual

  • Charging the battery pack (pg. 25 in online instruction manual): 
    • Connect the item's AC adapter to the camcorder's DC in terminal 
    • Plug the AC adapter into adapter
    • Attach the battery to the camcorder (if not already attached)
    • Camera will begin charging once the camcorder is turned off
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